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You will receive 2 personalized consultations, 12-18pages of written analysis with charts and recommendations for supplements and foods, detoxing techniques, and exercise best suited for you. Also includes all the lab work.

Nutritional Balancing with Hair Analysis



You will receive 1 consultation.  Complete retesting of mineral levels with explanation of the results and suggested modifications to the supplement program as indicated by the changes since previous test.

 Retest  a Comparison

Hair Analysis



Remote Therapies: Craniosacral, Somatic Release, Emotion Code                                      

For one session (person or animal)                                                        $ 99.00

For two sessions (people or animals)                                                     $175.00 


For three sessions (people or animals)                                                   $240.00                                                                  

Reiki Distance Healing

and Guidance

30 Minute/phone    $45.00

60 Minute/phone    $80.00

I will invoice you through either 

PayPal, Zelle, or Venmo

Health Phone Consultation  
30 Minute/phone   $45.00
60 Minute/phone   $80.00
I will invoice through either
PayPal, Zelle or Venmo
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